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what to use for shaving pubic area

Aug 06,  · When you are done shaving your pubic area, it’s vitally important that you use an antiseptic. In a pinch, you can use alcohol but I wouldn’t recommend it. Imagine how much it will burn! One product that you should consider is The Cool Fix by Shaveworks. What’s nice about this one is that just as the name implies, the gel cools your skin. Apr 20,  · Use a shaving cream without heavy fragrances, and leave it on the area for a minute or two to soften the hairs. Then pick up a fresh razor and get the job done. . Feb 12,  · Also, there are special “bikini razors” available for shaving the bikini line. It is shaped ideally for removing the pubic hair and sized for the pubic area. Whereas, the full-length shavers are for shaving the other parts like the legs and arms. Plus, the blade may also become dull if you use the same razor for shaving.

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