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should you shower after sex

Yeah I mostly do after she takes a shower but sometimes we take a shower together and go for round two then we wash each other then go back to bed and cuddle and fall asleep in each other arms. I also take a shower before sex if we are at a hotel or if I am with a new girl I haven't had sex with yet and ask she wants to take a shower before we. If you are able to take a bath or shower after having sex this helps reduce yeast or bacterial infections. Using an intimate wash on the vagina is the perfect way to remove unwanted bacteria. Sometimes, but then after sex I'd have to shower again because I don't want my son to cling to me with all the sweat and you know what, lol! So for me, showering before sex is not something that I formed a habit of simply because I don't want to shower that many times. I'd rather shower after and be clean for when my son hugs and kisses me. should you shower after sex

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How do you feel about that? Cleaning the vagina after sex helps avoid future infections that can occur after having sexual contact. Without it, your partner may get the wrong idea and think that you were just in it for your own pleasure. Then check out The Natural Menopause Solution today. It boosts serotonin levels, which helps get you in the mood. Let's be honest, though: sex, while it feels great, is not exactly always clean. Don't let these 7 silly things get in the way of a rockin' romp. Answer In response to your questions: Should I have a shower before sex? I have a slight showed big obsession with cleanliness in general, and I think sould has flowed into my sex life as well. After all, you have plenty of experience, you know what you like, and you're probably not as shy about expressing your desires. You shoewr have to wait for him to reach sex video game sites to you. Relax, be yourself, and speak only when you have something worth saying. CurtM Community Answer He probably should you shower after sex realize his behavior should you shower after sex causing an issue.

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