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should we castrate serious sex offenders

Jun 28,  · Even as an extreme punitive measure for sex offenders, castration is looked down upon. essentially a large clamp used to castrate bulls, sheep, or goats without having to cut into the scrotum. “They have their minds made up by the time they come to me. I do demand that they be serious about it.” Serious enough to put up a $ Jul 08,  · sicko stuff. still, no country is actually innocent in this. it is legal for teens to have sex most G-8 countries I know of, while an arbitrary line of an 18 yr old boy having sex with a 17 yr old girl is considered statutory rape. many developing countries permit even children to get married to fully grown adults. child beauty pageants in the U.S. are equally disgusting in there attempt to. If we want teachers to do their job, we must let them keep the cane Head of teachers' union explains why CP should be retained. UK/Schools - August Protest over gym shoe punishment Scripture teacher's alleged whacking of girls cited by anti-CP campaign. UK/Schools - October To beat or not to beat Half of young readers support the use.

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should we castrate serious sex offenders

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