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Religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, residence or any of them cannot be the basis for discrimination against a citizen in matters relating to public employment or office under the state. Reservation in favour of backward classes of citizens is dealt with by cl. (4) of Art Jun 29,  · Also, before and after the 1st Temple was destroyed (Assyrian and Babylonian captivities), Jacob was scattered far west to the Americas, long before Columbus, also to western Europe and north-western Europe, where the original indigenous people (e.g. the Celts) were known to be a SWA-SHACHOR people. DEVADASIS: Devadasis was a religious practice in some parts of southern India, in which women were married to a deity or temple. In the later period, the illegitimate sexual exploitation of the devadasi‟s became a norm in some part of the country. JAUHAR.

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The members of an entire caste or community may in a social, economic and educational scale of values at a given time be backward and may on that account be treated as a backward class, but that is not because they are members of a caste or community, but because they form a class. However I find it difficult to judge, firstly, whether standards have in fact fallen, and secondly, if they have fallen, whether the fall has been due to affirmative action. However we know also from other Scripture that there will be the possibility for them, as individuals, to repent and be forgiven their sins, but place will be found in Zion for such as cleave unto Jacob. But in the determination of a class a test solely based upon the caste or community cannot also be accepted. Similarly, there were Devdasi at the Someshwer shrine of Gujarat.

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The most popular story indicates that Renuka was the daughter of a Brahmin , married the sage Jamadagni , and was the mother of five sons. Neither the Kalelkar nor the Mandal commissions had a female member. However, the state government provided statistical data regarding the survey conducted by them to sanction a "Devadasi Maintenance Allowance". In the main hall, a Devadasi, accompanied by musicians and the Rajaguru the court guru , would dance standing near the Garuda stambha pillar. It is probably not correct that the weightage system would perpetually introduce bad students to the university. The presence of a Devadasi on any religious occasion in the house of an upper caste member was regarded as sacred and she was treated with due respect, and was presented with gifts. In short they are not such an ostracised lot as the SCs have been. sex temple devadasis

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