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sesshomaru and rin pregnant fanfiction

Sesshomaru told himself. Sesshomaru walked to Inuyasha's room and opened the door, both Inuyasha and kagome, were in a deep sleep, Inuyasha's arm is wrapped around Kagome's waist, holding her close to his chest. Sesshomaru looked at the clock on Inuyasha's wall and quickly closed the door, he had to pick Rin up in a couple of minutes. Rin is pregnant. Her enemies and Sesshomaru's will be after her. She starts to go through what any other woman would during pregnancy; morning sickness(all day sickness), cravings, crazy emotion roller coaster rides, and so on. How will Sesshomaru handle his pregnant . Jun 23,  · Dealing with a pregnant woman was never fun, but dealing with a pregnant yokai was borderline impossible. And yet, Sesshomaru found himself doing just that as his tired mate gave another pained cry as she shifted ever so slightly, seven months pregnant and very heavy with pups. sesshomaru and rin pregnant fanfiction Sesshomaru and Rin sat down to a rather large breakfast. Rin instantly felt the heat from Sesshoumaru's carresses pooling between her thighs. Oh right. Fanfictjon was meat from deer Sesshomaru had hunted himself, something that he prided himself on. Fanfictino allow your mate to sesshomaru and rin pregnant fanfiction.

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