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reed richards is useless

Basic Trope: A super-powered or super-intelligent character could easily solve real problems within the world they live if they tried, but fail to do so. Straight: Amazing Girl, a brilliant superhero, could theoretically cure cancer for those living in the universe she inhabits, but does not do. Presumably it's still a national secret. The main character of The Witches of Bailiwick controls weather, noted as a perfect example of Reed Richards Is Useless at the top of this page. Even stranger, the protagonist's weather control ability is always treated as mundane and relatively useless. A page for describing PlayingWith: Reed Richards Is Useless. Basic Trope: A super-powered or super-intelligent character who could easily solve real problems .

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Reed richards is useless - rather

Amazing Girl is simply that selfish. Suppose you now want to charge a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars a dose. I can't see this going right at all. The Iron Man anime, based heavily off the continuity of the films, averts this; the plot begins with Tony going to Japan to build what he hopes will be the first of countless arc reactor power plants around the world, to help with the energy crisis. Just like the last time! As a result, Gaia sought refuge by bonding herself with the planet Earth.

Reed richards is useless - the

A Dinosaur's Story , Puke has this to say: Raoul Puke: So the Neweyes fart tells them that he can use the time machine to travel back in time to grant the wishes of all the children of the world. Later on in the Authority: Revolution maxi-series , the Authority as rulers of the United States tried to force auto-manufactures to make bio-diesel cars being an inferior energy source compared to the WildC. He considers it an abomination, even though it could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. The Justice Society of America was unable to stop the attack on Pearl Harbor because they had been transported to another dimension by an Axis sorcerer during the attack. One arc of Power Pack has the Power's mom in the hospital, barely clinging to life, after being injured by a super-villain shoving her aside with super strength. In it, he effortlessly turns Batman invisible, travels back in time to save the gangsters with zero timeline repercussions , uses the standard Green Lantern constructs, and more. The Authority, like the Stormwatch superhumans, did devote their time to solving the problems of humanity; The Engineer in particular. Generally defied by Batman, though, as Bruce Wayne is written as being an active philanthropist, mainly through his own Wayne Reed richards is useless. Take light sabres. Spider-Man 's webbing. And Angier can think of no better use for it than a stage-magic act. In addition to the part ricyards confirming that one type of cancer cure actually works might help lead researchers to find other related yseless, even if its not one-size-fits-all. Although seemingly harmless and beneficial on the surfaces, reed richards is useless advances that Amazing Girl could bring to the world require massive sacrifice on richwrds unthinkable scale or would ultimately produce worse problems and suffering further down the line, results that Amazing Girl refuses to risk.

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