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pregnant girlfriend pushing me away

Urats. Mar 7, at PM. Me & my girlfriend broke up almost 2 weeks ago. She is 29 weeks pregnant. Im 35 & she is We've been together for 9 months & she got pregnant 2 months into the relationship. It was a planed pregnancy. We've known each . I have been with my girlfriend for a few days longer than she's been pregnant with my child. She seems to be pushing me away too- moving away from me back to her parent's and not replying to my txt's unless I remind her. She's also been foul tempered, nasty, generally unpleasant towards me. My Pregnant Girlfriend is Pushing Me Away. Long story short, I don't love my pregnant girlfriend. I was My pregnant ex girlfriend just keep pushing me away. reply #7. HatePregnant. 10 years ago. For anyone else living with the insanity that is pregnancy, here is some advice. pregnant girlfriend pushing me away

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When she push you away and wants space

Pregnant girlfriend pushing me away - understand

She is yours aswell after all. So i should be eating something but I'm too depressed to. I think you two need to have a heart to heart. According to statistics, almost half of pregnancies every year are either unplanned or unwanted. I was furious. Things may change when she has her baby and realises how much work babies actually are. Girrlfriend may change when she has her gay hentai cum and realises how much work babies actually are. I still do. No matter what she says support her! Stopped sleeping in the same room, wouldn't let me touch her, pregnant girlfriend pushing me away hold girldriend. The first thing i said to her when I walked in was that i loved her.

Pregnant girlfriend pushing me away - excellent

Since she wanted space i asked her if she still wanted to go to the dr appointment that was on that Tuesday. Give her some space but be ready to catch her when she really needs someone to fall back on. I have no idea what is going on inside her head, and I really want to know. She wouldn't even look at me. Now im afraid that she is gonna prevent me from ever seeing are child.

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